Lutelandet for Veolia UK

ANKO is involved in the work of scrapping the Yme platform at Lutelandet in Sogn og Fjordane.
It was in March last year that Yme owner SBM Offshore and field operator Talisman agreed that the scandal platform be scrapped. The platform has been empty in the North Sea since 140 people were evacuated on 10 July 2012 when cracks were discovered in the support structure.
The job is in connection with the casting of foundations for landing from barge to dock, and further "skid track" into foundations for final location of the rig.
Here were small height tolerances on finished concrete. It was measured directly on wet concrete during casting, and everything was within 4mm, on foundations of 15x15m. In addition, placement of steel plates etc, with tolerance +- 1mm.
After the rig (15000 tons) is placed, we have controlled how much the foundations have set.