Position Monitoring System

Position Monitoring System
PMS is a blackbox for shuttle tankers, FPSOs and FSUs. "It consists of a PC and an interface cabinet that is put together here in the office, with a software developed by our own Jan Dahle," explains Bjarne.

Bjarne Jonassen, Rune Stokka and Jan Dahle work closely together and are Ankos specialists in this field. They have even helped to mount the equipment up to a hundred boats in both the North Sea and Brazil. The customers here are e.g. Equinor, Kongsberg Maritime, Teekay, Knutsen, Petrobras and AET. Furthermore, Bjarne explains; "PMS receives data from the ship's navigation sensors. If the accident occurs, the data can be used to create a report showing whether the ship acted correctly or not. We have received great feedback on these reports and are worth gold to prevent such accidents from happening again and again" 

The PMS system can be used as an excursion monitoring system. It monitors and logs position and movement as well as triggers alarms on a vessel or rig that needs to be in a stationary position.

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