Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Anko AS offers a wide range of engineering services and has an assorted customer portfolio. Our customers range from private individuals, architects and contractors, to state and municipality.

Engineering services is a collective term for the planning and design of major facilities such as road projects, business buildings and development of maps and profiles for construction companies/ master builders who are developing residential areas or basic housing projects.

Our engineers have long experience in construction and industrial technique, and execute assignments with high competence and in accordance with our customers' wishes.
Maps and Terrain Profiles

As a major player in geomatics, Anko develops maps for your purposes - whether on land or at sea.

We map terrain and objects, roads, and infrastructure surrounding prospective areas of ​​development. We also map the seabed for establishment and construction of docks and quays.
In road projects where Statens Vegvesen (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration) is the commissioning authority, we make assessments and evaluate whether or not the terrain supports bridge building as part of road construction.

With our experienced surveyors, we can efficiently plot out terrain in the field and then develop good map data.
Mass calculation, quantity control, and measurement documentation

Anko AS performs accurate mass calculations and documentation of roads, landscapes, buildings and structures.

This part of Anko's engineering services aims to provide the best possible map basis for a project, whether it's a major road construction or expanding a residential area. Calculations are based on theoretical and measured data.

Mass and quantity calculation, and documentation, are executed in accordance with Norsk Standard og Prosesskode (the Norwegian Standard and Process Code).
Anko AS has experience in preparing zoning plans in accordance with the Planning and Building Act.
Situational planning and site analysis

Anko AS has extensive experience with the preparation of situational plans, and can perform site analyzes and sketch accurate sunlight charts and 3D visualizations.