Anko offers its customers a service termed geomatics, which encompasses subjects like land surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, geodesy, hydrography and remote sensing.

Examples of geomatics have great scope, and include the preparation of terrain models, land and real estate surveying, tunnel surveying, mapping of municipal facilities, establishing reference networks, control of buildings, and railway measurements.

To get accurate measurements prior to building tunnels, there are several conditions that need to be checked and measured. These include calculations of distances and angles for the control of benchmark grids, and amount of mass to be excavated.

Anko uses drones for photogrammetry on some of the Geomatics service tasks. For example, with photogrammetry, a 3D model of a terrain is developed using advanced calculations of images/ photos, revealing various details related to the terrain in question. This makes it possible to make calculations based on 3D point cloud data.

Anko also performs 3rd party controls along the way during a tunnel project.

Quality control is important to avoid even the slightest mistakes in such a demanding project, where accurate measurements are of the utmost importance. Geomatics clients also include construction companies, municipalities and private actors who seek assistance with property measurement and site regulation.

Among Anko's various project collaborators, we find architects, Statens Vegvesen (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration) and Jernbaneverket (the National Rail Administration).  Anko's assignments are often measurements in connection with extensions or construction of railway tracks, road projects, or construction. A collaboration with Statens kartverk (the Norwegian Mapping Authority) involves geological surveying and the establishment of a so-called reference network.

We here at Anko can also assist with delivery of As-built and FDV (Management, operation and maintenance) documentation, as well as FKB (the Norwegian Mapping Authority's common map database) and NVDB (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's national road data bank) in the construction and building site industry. Where this is a requirement, the documentation must be in place before a project can be completed.

We perform quantity calculations and contractual fulfillment. This may be for 3rd party controls or independent assignments in construction. Quantity calculation and documentation are performed in accordance with det NS 3420 and Prosesskode requirements. We at Anko can assist in the control and supplementation of existing reference networks and the establishment of new reference networks or benchmarks for construction work.

The tasks are multifaceted - Anko has the professional knowledge, and our customers are conscious in their choice of supplier in the field of Geomatics.