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ANKO AS - a leading company in Geomatics, Industrial Surveying, Machine Control and 3D Laser Scanning
Anko is a turnkey supplier of services in machine control and surveying, with a
focus on service for our customers.
Since 1975, the company has provided services to projects at home and abroad, and we make our livelihood from satisfied, returning customers. We are a freelance service provider located in Stavanger, Bergen, and Harstad.

Today, our company consists of about 50 employees who possess extensive experience and expertise.

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Engineering Services

ANKO AS offers a range of services in Mass Calculation and Documentation.


Geomatics is a collective term for professions working with site-based (coordinated) information. The field thus includes subjects like surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, geodesy, GIS, hydrography and remote sensing.

Industrial Surveying

Metrology (Industrial) is the science of measurements and mass. In Norwegian, metrology is often referred to as measurement engineering or measurement technology.

Machine Control

Anko is a distributor for Leica Maskinstyring, and we offer a versatile and comprehensive assortment of solutions for all our customers.

3D Laser Scanning

Gathering 3D point clouds with laser scanners has become an important addition to traditional surveying.
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The drones we use are automated drones that perform mapping of large areas from the air.


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