The drones we use are automatically controlled drones that perform mapping of large areas from the air. This is a cost-effective method that maps large areas in a short period of time. They do not obstruct construction work and ongoing processes, and have good accuracy, better than traditional GPS measurement due to its high point density. They are safe to use, and the flights are planned and executed in detail.

Anko has expertise in high end 3D visualization.


Typical Uses:

  • Detailed surface model of terrain
  • Mass calculation
  • Terrain profiles
  • Topographic maps
  • 3D model with the possibility of visualization

Our drones:

  • E-Bee
    This is a low-mass (700g) polyfoam drone with stable electronics and software.

  • Falcon 8
    Falcon 8 is made primarily for industrial jobs, such as large construction jobs where it may take a person hours to cover ground during an inspection.
    The drone has eight rotors, a camera and everything else one expects of a drone today. In addition, it weighs only 3 kilograms and should be able to fly faster than most hobby models on the market today. Its top speed is almost 60 kilometers per hour.